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The World of Malakee

Malakee was born from a passion for beauty and style, a fascination for harmony together with a 'breaking the rules' attitude. Everything around us, from all corners of the globe, is source of inspiration.

Innovation is pivotal and, if we feel able to contribute with something amazing, we are not afraid of defying settled conventions. We love picking up something that already exists, improving it and then giving it a twist. The result is usually exactly as we wished it had always been.

We are currently working on, what we believe will be, the redefinition of the general concept of Premium Denim. You'll be the judge. However, we are sure that you're in for a big surprise!

Brands/Designers Collaborations

The world is bursting with talent going to waste and wonderful ideas that never get to see daylight. Our aim is to contribute to turn it around for the benefit and pleasure of all.

At a first instance there is our passion for teaming up with great designers and brands, that create products we love, and for whom we feel able to contribute with new ideas for a spectacular result.

A second side to it, is we giving incredibly talented young designers the possibility of getting name exposure — focusing on their craft and letting us take care of the rest. This way they are able to do what they truly love and get to see their best work reach the people that really enjoy and treasure it.

Experience has taught us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Great minds challenging each other take us to a higher level. The outcome is usually magnificent and groundbreaking, and is here for you to enjoy.

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